Given my initial academic training, I have specialised in scientific/technical translation, as I frequently work with companies of the electricity, energy and oil sectors.

To this very day, I still work in the engineering field as an independent technician, which enables me to keep up with the changes of this sector, to know the correct terminology and to have the precision needed to determine characteristics and operating modes.

Throughout my working life as an engineer in France and Spain, I have often come across technical reports and publications drafted by people not accustomed with the subject they were writing about. Many times, this lack of knowledge can result in inconsistencies. Knowing how to speak a language is not enough to carry out a technical translation. Do not risk losing money you have invested in technology with a bad translation.

Working with an engineer who directly translates yours documents is safer and more reliable. That way, you know who you are dealing with, avoiding any possible unpleasant surprises. In addition, you will be in contact with one single person to whom you can express your needs and requirements. And what is better than someone who understands your texts correctly and quickly!