Translations are invoiced, if possible, according to the number of words in the source text. To do so, you can send me the document scanned by email or a photocopy to my home address. I will then be able to look at the text, make some research on the subject if needed, decide if I have the training required to carry out the work and give you an accurate quotation and an exact delivery date.

For guidance only, I usually apply the following rates:

Type Rate per word in source text
Non-specialised translation 0,09 – 0,10 €
Specialised translation 0,11 – 0,12 €
Sworn translation 0,10 – 0,12 €

Nevertheless, these rates may change according to the document, repetitions of a same term or the total number of pages.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Interpretations are invoiced according to the type of service provided (see Modes of Interpreting). Normally these can take from several hours to several full days.

According to the type of service and its duration, I apply a rate per hour or a determined price agreed with the client for a full day’s work.

Keep in mind that for effective interpreting, extensive previous work is required. This work implies a preparation of the subject in question, its precise terminology, the protocol implied in each meeting, etc.

Please contact me if you wish to know my rates for interpretations. In order to provide you with a quotation, it is necessary for me to know what mode of interpreting you need, its duration, the specialisation of the subject, if travelling on my behalf is involved, etc.

Ask for quotation!