Spanish <-> French

The sworn, public, official or certified translation of a document is a translation that is officially recognised, therefore it becomes public and official.

Sworn interpreting is an oral linguistic transmission, usually carried out before courts, notaries public, consulates, etc…

Only sworn translators/interpreters are authorised to provide this kind of services.

Sworn translators/interpreters are qualified to work both into and out of their native language (French → Spanish and Spanish → French).

In Spain, sworn translators/interpreters are appointed by the national Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, after having passed a specific examination or after having taken a certain number of legal subjects during their Translation and Interpretation studies.

I was appointed as French-Spanish Translator/Interpreter in 2010. My sworn translations therefore duly bear my seal and signature.

Given my signature has been delivered to the Consulate of Spain in Paris, I often work with clients sent from this organism. If you are interested, the Consulate can provide you with more information about me and sworn translations/interpretations.

Avoid unpleasant surprises and before placing your order for a sworn translation/interpretation, make sure your translator/interpreter is qualified to do it.