I have always loved and admired the beauty of languages, their complexity and the impact each culture and civilization has on them.

Although I had always studied English, it was the French language that sparked off my interest that then became my vocation. This came upon me unexpectedly after having accepted a period of internship in Paris, at the end of my engineering studies.

At first, I started working in the field of building and urbanism in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, my home city. Nevertheless, my superiors, well aware of my linguistic skills, asked me in various occasions to translate or interpret for the company, mainly for urban projects in Morocco and Mauritania.

After obtaining my degree in translation and interpreting, I moved back to France and I now work there as an independent technician in collaboration with studies specialised in building structures. At the same time, I also do translations and interpretations, mainly of a scientific/technical kind, in English and French, but also sworn/economic jobs, given I was granted the title of Sworn Translator/Interpreter by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation four years ago.

By now, I possess a broad experience in different fields, supported by ten years working in the translation and interpretation world to which I add the different professional experiences in the field of engineering and industry, both in France and Spain.

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